Miami Business Owners
Reach Your Customers While They are on the Move

Placed in the back of Uber and Lyft cars all around Miami, ALFI’s tablets use artificial intelligence to show the best ad to the person looking at the screen. 

Get Face to Face with Millions of Uber and Lyft Riders

ALFI tablets are positioned in the back of Uber and Lyft cars, allowing business owners like you to find the right customers for their business.

Advertise in uber cars in Miami

About the Rideshare Audience

Reach Cord-Cutters in Miami

Reach Cord Cutters

An audience that's hard to reach with traditional media

Reach High Income Individuals in Miami

Household Income

Get your ads in front of people with higher spending power

Diverse Demographics Targeting

Diverse Demographics

Reach Gen Z and Millenials with unskippable ads

Engagement that beats Google and Facebook

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People Engage with the Screens
Up to 0 minute
Attention Span
High click-through rate ads
Unmatched Click-through rate

Get 3 times the CTR with LESS ad spend. Over the course of 21 days, 30 brands utilized Alfi with their ads to achieve CTRs as high as 6%.

Pick your locale,
Stay local.

Talk to the people who are already in your neighborhood with your ads. 


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